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Guest Speaker Dr. Tom Underwood



Grocery Grab Winner, Amanda Anderson, with President Hickert and President Elect Mackey






Guest Speaker Brenda Williams

Stormont Vail Healthcare




Dictionary Delivery







World Polio Day at the Capital


DG Parks Giving Opening Remarks


Guest Speaker Tim Hrenchir, The History Guy


Guest Speaker DG Blanche Parks


Guest Speaker Brett Klausman

Wheatfield Village Development


Changing of the Guard

2018-2019 Inner Outer


Past President Bob Mackey passing the gavel to Incoming President Kathleen Hickert

President Bob receiving Plaque in appreciation of his work as Club President 2017-2018

Great Dinner and of course Cake for Dessert

Topeka West Rotary Club June 2018 Newsletter


The Topeka West Rotary Club held its first Grocery Grab fundraising event on April 28th at the Topeka Hy-Vee store and it was our most successful fundraiser to date.  The Club spent six weeks selling tickets, both at the store and to companies and other individuals prior to the event.  Total ticket sales went very well, particularly for our first try for this type of event. 

The Club wants to thank Ed Coulter, with the Shawnee Mission Rotary Club, for his guidance and sharing of information regarding his Club's Grocery Grabs.  A great example of Clubs working together to achieve common goals.  The net funds raised will be used to purchase dictionaries for third grade students and teachers in eleven area elementary schools and for grants to local charities.

The Club donated $150 for hygiene kits in support of the Celebration of 30 Years of Women in Rotary and contributed $100 to the Public Image campaign that District 5710 is conducting in collaboration with Districts 5670, 6040 and 5690.

Our members answered the challenge to achieve Star Club status again this year by obtaining the minimum average donation of $100 per member to The Foundation.  Pledges have also been made by members for additional donations that will place us beyond the minimum per member. 

Paul Harris Fellows

Roger Viola, PHF +1

Susan Hsia, PHF +3

Guest Speaker Vince Frye

Downtown Topeka Inc

Guest Speaker Dennis Blackmore

Roller Pigeons, Aerial Acrobatics

Guest Speaker Peggy Mast

Children in Need, Foster Care



Guest Speakers Christine Tipton, Amber Nanninga

EcoTec, Topeka



Guest Speaker Jessica Schenkel

Visit Topeka



Member Rick Ryan

Kansas Entrepreneur Challenge



Member Victoria Watkins drawing a winner for the Grocery Grab


Rotary Youth Exchange Student Ariana from Romania spoke to our club

about her experiences as an exchange student.





2017 Christmas Dinner



Topeka West Rotary Newsletter

 December, 2017

It was another busy month for the members of the Topeka West Rotary Club.  This was the 12th consecutive year the Club has ordered and delivered dictionaries to all third-grade students and teachers in eleven area schools for a total of over 700 dictionaries.  The children are always very excited to receive the dictionaries, as for some, it is the first book they have ever owned.  The teachers are greatful as well and use information in the back of the dictionaries for additional class studies. The dictionaries were purchased in part from the Star Club grant received this year.

The Club welcomed its newest member in November.  Victoria Watkins is a chemist for the Kansas Department of Agriculture.  Victoria was actually a guest speaker earlier this year, addressing the topic of Chemist Without Borders and the work the organization is conducting in Bangladesh to provide clean and safe drinking water for the people in a test area in that country.  Victoria enjoyed our Club members so much that she continued to attend our meetings regularly and later decided to join our Club.

Club officers lead discussions during our Assembly Meeting on November 15th.  Reports were presented by the Club's Treasurer, and Committee Chairs of the Foundation, Membership, Programs and Social Events, Fundraising and Nominating Committees.

Guest speakers included: Rick Randolph - Rotary Tree Planting Program; John Muglar, CEO or the YMCA; and Joy Wheeler, CEO of the Girls Scouts NE Kansas and NW Missouri area.



 Topeka West Rotary members delivered dictionaries to 3rd grade students at nine schools.  This is the sixth year Topeka West has distributed dictionaries to area schools.


Topeka West Rotary Newsletter

September 29, 2017

On August 30th, District Governor, Adam Ehlert, visited the Club and talked about why he became both interested and active in Rotary and also shared many of his experiences as a Rotarian to include his trip to Finland. He challenged the TWR Club members as well as all members throughout the District to donate at least $5.00 per member to the relief efforts in Texas and Louisiana. The TWR members gave an average of over $10.00 per member.  

The TWR joined all of the Topeka area Rotary Clubs and the Holton Rotary Club in sponsoring a welcome reception for Adam on August 31st. It was well attended and Adam again urged all of the Club members to donate to the hurricane relief efforts.

Victoria Watkins, a chemist for the state of Kansas, addressed the group in September regarding the Chemists Without Borders organization that is currently conducting experimental tests in Bangladesh to help provide clean and safe drinking water for that country. Early results appear promising with more work yet to be done. 

Brett Ballard, a former KU basketball player who played on the 2002 final-four team, spoke to the Club about his philosophies not only regarding coaching basketball, but also trying to create an environment which encourages the players to be responsible citizens, both now and in the future. 

The Club also had its monthly Assembly meeting. The members continued to discuss ideas for this year's fundraiser and decided to purchase dictionaries again this year to be distributed to third graders in eleven different elementary schools in Topeka. This project has been well received by both the students and the teachers for over ten years. 



                              District Governor Ehlert                 Victoria Watkins                              Brett Ballard



Topeka West Rotary Newsletter

August 24, 2017


It was another busy month for the Topeka West Rotary Club.  Club members voted to fund a Shelter Box again this year, sending $1,000 to Shelter Box USA.  Bob Mackey reported the Shelter Box was displayed at the PETS meeting this year and it's easy to visualize how a Shelter Box gives great relief to those experiencing a disaster or humanitarian crisis throughout the world.

 The TWR achieved Star Club status this past year and has already applied for a community project grant to provide dictionaries to third-grade classes in 11 elementary schools this fall.  The Club has provided the dictionaries to schools for several years and we always receive thank you notes from both the students and teachers expressing their appreciation.

 After 40 years of service to the TWR Club and the community, Bill Nace decided to retire as a long valued member.  The Club held a special  celebration for Bill during our meeting on August 23rd to thank him for his commitment and dedication to the Club.  Bill was presented with a Certificate of Achievement and Service Award and was encouraged to join us at any of our meetings in the future. 

 The Club also held an Assembly meeting on the 23rd and received reports from committee chairs.  A new event for a fundraiser is being researched and more information will be presented to the Club in the coming weeks. The Membership Committee is reviewing the Club's past efforts to obtain new members and will schedule a formal meeting soon to discuss additional efforts. Financial reports were also shared with Club members. TWR is also jointly sponsoring an All Topeka and Holton Club Social for District Governor, Adam Ehlert, at the Topeka Civic Theatre from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. 

 Among our guest speakers this month, were Erik Karre, Assistant District Governor - Area #5, who provided helpful comments about acquiring new members and retaining existing members, and U.S. Marshall, Ron Miller, addressed the group and presented a history of the Marshall's office in Kansas beginning with Wyatt Earp to discussing the responsibilities of today's Marshall.  On August 30th, we are very much looking forward to having District Governor Adam Ehlert as our guest speaker. 




Topeka West Rotary President Bob Mackey presents fellow Rotarian Bill Nace with a Certificate for 40 years of Rotary Membership



 Guest Speaker US Marshall Ron Miller spoke to the Club about the history and duties of the US Marshall's Office




Focus on Membership - Club Activities - Service

1. Increase membership by a net two members (one of whom should be female).

    *Membership Committee meets to review written membership recruitment plan

    Responsibility - Membership Committee

2. Hold two social activities and a transition of leadership event for Club members and spouses.

    Responsibility - Programs and Social Events Committee

3. Enhance Club member participation measured by 75% average attendance to weekly meetings

    and also plan at least one "vocational" trip this year.

    *Ensure guest speakers are scheduled regularly and well in advance.

    Responsibility - Programs and Social Events and Executive Committee

4. Raise a minimum of $2,000.00 through fund raising events

    *Major fundraiser, debit cards, tin cup, member donations

    Responsibility - Service Projects and Fundraising Committee

5. Acquire maximum District Grant

    *Apply for annual District Grant by assigned deadline

    Responsibility - RI and Topeka Foundation Committee

6. Achieve Star Club status ($100 average RI Foundation giving/member).

    Responsibility - RI and Topeka Foundation Committee and All Members





The Topeka West Rotary Club selected three Topeka non-profit organizations to receive funds to assist in achieving their ongoing missions in the community.  They are:

1.  The Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri - $1,000 from the Club's Foundation/Youth Enrichment Program.

2.  Beginning to End - $1,000 (An after school program teaching life skills to young children and introducing them to the Arts and

     related areas.)

3.  The Boys and Girls Club - $500

The TWR also achieved Star Club status for 2016 - 2017 with an average gift per member of $110.  The Club is also raising money to donate before June 30th to the Shelter Box Program.

The Club also had interesting and informative guest speakers for the month, to include:

         David Beck brought three local Rotary Youth Exchange Students, representing the countries of France, Italy and Taiwan, who spoke to our Club sharing their expierences while living and going to school in our community this year.

          Dale Matherly spoke about creating a new Circles of Greater Topeka Program to assist individuals and families to achieve financial stability.

         Dr. Tiffany Anderson shared with the Club her first-year experiences as USD 501 Superintendent.

         Officer Josh Heaslet of the Topeka Police Department's K-9 Unit, brought his Service Dog, Bruce, and spoke about the training program and services the dogs provide for the Department.

 July 12th was selected as the date the Club will conduct it's annual Installation of the 2017 -2018 officers and directors.  And, an excellent excuse to have a fun social event for Club members and significant others. 

President Duncan presents check to Margaret Moore with the Girl Scouts of America



President Duncan presents check to Dawn McWilliams with the Boys and Girls Club



President Duncan presents check to Lorena Gonzalez and Sylvian Arceneaux with Beginning to End




2016-2017 Inbound and Outbound Youth Exchange Students visited Topeka West Rotary.  Inbound students representing France, Italy, and Thailand.  Outbound student headed to Japan.  Youth Exchange leaders David Beck, Downtown Rotary, and Jared Holroyd, Topeka South Rotary.




 Topeka West Rotary members delivered dictionaries to 3rd grade students at seven schools.  This is the fourth year Topeka West has distributed dictionaries to area schools.