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Who Can Become A Paul Harris Fellow?

Anyone who contributes, or in whose name is contributed, a gift of $1,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow lapel pin and a medallion with neck ribbon. Cumulative donors (Paul Harris Fellow Sustaining Members) are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition when their giving reaches $1,000.

For each additional gift of $1,000 or more, including cumulative gifts, a Paul Harris Fellow is recognized as a multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  He or she is eligible to receive a new Paul Harris pin with one sapphire for each additional $1,000 gift, up to five sapphires.  They may also choose to honor someone else as a Paul Harris Fellow.

The distinction is reserved for individuals, either living or dead, and may not be conferred, as has been attempted, upon beloved pets, fictitious characters or inanimate objects. Businesses cannot be Paul Harris Fellows but they can contribute to the award for an individual.

Paul Harris Fellow recognition cannot be transferred from one person to another nor can it be rescinded. Recognition is a permanent honor.

What Is A Paul Harris Fellow Sustaining Member?

A Paul Harris Fellow Sustaining Member is an individual who contributes, or in whose name is contributed, a minimum of $100. In addition, this individual has indicated the intention of becoming a Paul Harris Fellow by contributing a total of $1,000. A donor can take as much time as needed to complete the $1,000 payment to become a Paul Harris Fellow. Sustaining Member credit can be transferred from individuals who do not plan to become Paul Harris Fellows. A Recognition Transfer Request Form must be signed and submitted to The Foundation. This form is available from the club treasurer.

Can I Direct How My Contribution To The Rotary Foundation Is To Be Applied?

Yes, within limits. The most common fund to which contributions are directed is the Annual Programs Fund (formerly called the General Fund). However contributions for Paul Harris Fellow recognition can also be applied to the World Fund, PolioPlus, PolioPlus Partners, approved Disaster relief projects, Matching Grants, approved 3-H Grants and approved Helping Grants.

Contributions to the Permanent Fund (Endowment) are not eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition. Contributions to the Permanent Fund can be made in cash or other assets (insurance benefits, stock or property for example) and receive Benefactor recognition only.


How Do I Make Contributions?

To make sure the individual and the club receives proper credit for a contribution payments should be made to the club treasurer who will forward donated amounts to The Rotary Foundation with the appropriate contribution form. Checks can be made to The Rotary Foundation if the entire amount is intended as a donation. Donations included with dues or other amounts owed the club should be made payable to the Topeka West Rotary Club. A club check will forward to The Foundation the contributed amount. In either event, The Foundation will provide direct to the donor a receipt for the donated amount.

Contributions to the Permanent Fund are made direct to The Rotary Foundation. The club treasurer should be made aware of the donation however to insure the club receives appropriate recognition.